Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Central Pennsylvania Martial Arts Academy Annual Award Winners

Central Pennsylvania Martial Arts Academy
2007 Annual Awards

Certificate of Appreciation
Mr. Nouhad Tamin

Best of the Best (kata)
Cody Cooke
Richie Thackrey
Max Crumlich
Tariq Tamin

Best of the Best (kicks)
Gwen Foley
Nick Matthews
Morgan Crumlich
Robie Thackrey
Mark Bautista

Best of the Best (Punches)
Cameron Cooke
Randy Thackrey
Adrianne Bautista

Most Improved Student
Amber Johnston

New Student of the Year
Gwen Foley

Competitor of the Year
Alexis Johnston-Kids
Donna Crumlich-Female
Justin Scott-Male

Submission of the Year
John Andell

Knockout of the Year
Adam Hostetter

Fight of the Year
Matthew Maculuso

Assistant Instructor of the Year
Mark Bautista
MJ Bautista
Adrianne Bautista
Tariq Tamin

Sportsmanship Award
Jade Tamin

Armed Forces Service Member of the Year
Nito Bautista

MMA Student of the Year
Chad Strawbridge

Martial Artist of the Year
Jade Tamin-Teen
Anthony Essis-Karate

Fighter of the Year
Justin Scott

Martial Arts Instructor of the Year
(Karate) Barry Crumlich
(MMA) Anthony Essis

Certificates of Appreciation
Barry & Donna Crumlich
Anthony Essis
Adam Hostetter
Gary McChandlier

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